Isleta Casino in Albuquerque lets guests fill their mitts with money beginning March 11

Isleta Casino

Grab some “Mitts of Money” every Sunday from March 11 to April 29 at Isleta Resort & Casino. Patrons have a chance to win up to $1,000 in cash. One winner will be chosen each hour from noon to 8 p.m. Sundays for a chance to “fill their mitts with cash,” according to an Isleta press release.

Isleta is “Cleaning Out the Closet” on March 30. Guests who earn 250 points will be eligible to join the fun in the Isleta’s Ballroom. Patrons can select up to two gifts during the promotional day. This promotion will run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 11 while supplies last. Isleta continues its “Love Bugs” promotion through March 24. Enter to win cash and qualify each Friday and Saturday for your chance to win a new Volkswagen Beetle, which will be given away on Saturdays.

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Five Overlooked Casino Workers That Can Help You In a Pinch

Casino Gift Shop

For most live poker players, the value of building certain relationships and being friendly with the right people in the poker room and in the casino. However, a few employees are generally overlooked because of their position in the casino hierarchy. Below are a few casino employees that it would be a good idea to get to know in your travels. Chances are that you will run into them frequently and building relationships with them can help to improve your gambling experience.

Gift Shop Attendants
These folks are also great for a lot of general knowledge about the casino and the surrounding area. If they don’t have something you need, they can usually tell you how to get it.

Porters / Cocktail Waitresses
It would seem logical to be friendly with the people that serve you food and drinks but some people don’t get this concept. Tipping your porter or waitress is not “being friendly.” Chat up those who serve you and be friendly. You’re going to interact with them a lot and if they like you, you will often get much better service regardless of how much you tip.

The Brush
Some live poker rooms have a person or multiple people who are in charge of running the list of games. They are referred to as the brush. The vast majority of players will go up, give their name and the game they play and that is all. If you’re waiting for a game and the brush is friendly, why not chat them up. There are times where being friendly with the brush and other poker room employees can lead to a few extra comps or maybe your name getting bumped up on the list of a juicy game.

Security guards are typically one of the most overlooked workers in the casino until you actually need them.

Room Service Workers
If you’re someone who likes to order room service often, make sure you’re friendly to the staff. Remember, these folks are in charge of fixing and delivering your food.

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Las Vegas is Looking to Eliminate Free Drinks for Low Rollers

Free Drinks Las Vegas

Don’t count on fueling your next Vegas vacation with those free casino drinks: There’s a good chance those will be going away, unless you’re willing to do a bit of gambling.

MGM and Caesars, two popular destinations on the Las Vegas strip, are testing new technology that would better tell bartenders which casino visitors deserve those free cocktails—and who doesn’t—based on how much they are playing and betting.

According to The Los Angeles Times, as of now this would apply to video poker games at certain bars.

At MGM Grand and The Mirage, some machines have been given the capability to print free drink vouchers for gamblers who have played for a certain amount of time.

There’s a new system being tested at Caesars that would utilize a series of lights on the back of poker machines that light up green after a guests has wagered a certain amount. This will alert bartenders to the players they should offer free drinks to.

So if you want to enjoy a “free” drink, you’re going to have to do some gambling.

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